NESPRESSO-newblog-4The newly launched Gran Maestria looking like a super robot!

The lovely people at Nespresso kindly invited me over to their store at IFC Hong Kong for a testing section to try out their – now officially unlimited – limited edition flavours they have just released to the public. These new permanent members are Vanilio (vanila), Ciocattino (dark chocolate) and Caramelito(caramel). Welcome welcome!

For those who do not know, Nespresso offers – once 16, now 19 – different coffee “Grand Cru” arabicas and robustas. And every Spring, Autumn and Christmas Nespresso releases special Grand Crus into the existing range for a limited period to its club members, i.e. previous customers. Now, the particular ones that are released towards Christmas time are called “Variations”, which are flavoured coffee and are made based on the Livanto grand cru. The Vanilio was released on 2006, Caramelito in 2008, and Ciocattino in 2011, but due to the repeated requests for a comeback by customers, they are now here to stay! I’ve tried them all last friday and loved all three flavours! I especially like the Caramelito, which is so rich and smooth and super creamy!

Speaking of these lovely Variations, wondering what we are getting for this Christmas? For the very first time, Nespresso let you vote for it!

Say hello to Cioccorosso (chocolate with red fruit), Masala Chai (chai spices) and Liminto (lime and mint), because one of these will be made available this winter! All you club members can now vote for your favorite from June 13th to June 26th at I think the Masala Chai sounds very nice for winter, which one will you pick?

最近到了Nespresso在IFC的分店嘗試他們剛剛正式宣佈重新無限期供應的「限量版」風味咖啡﹣Vanilio (香草)、 Ciocattino (黑朱古力)和Caramelito (焦糖)﹣歡迎歡迎!:)

不太認識Nespresso的話,其實這個高級咖啡品牌一直提供一共16種﹣現正新增至19種﹣不同的「Grand Cru」,即是「頂級」阿拉比卡和羅布斯塔咖啡。每年的春、秋及聖誕期間都會推出特別的限量版Grand Crus給其品牌的咖啡機用家享用。而每在聖誕期間推出的都被稱為「Variations」,是一種將不同味道注入 Livanto grand cru咖啡裡的風味咖啡。Vanilio曾於2006年限量推出, Caramelito 在2008年, 比較近期的Ciocattino則在2011年;但由於這三種風味太被鍾愛,Nespresso決定讓它們無限期留下來!我上個星期已品嘗過全部三種,非常喜歡!尤其是Caramelito,口感香滑而且味道濃郁,令人萬分回味!

說到這些芳香撲鼻的Variations,會否想知道我們這個聖誕將會試到什麼新口味?Nespresso今年讓你投票選出,這可是頭一次呢!可供投選的Variations有Cioccorosso (朱古力與紅果), Masala Chai (柴香料) 還有Liminto (青檸和薄荷)。大家從6月13日至6月26日都可於投你最想品嘗的風味咖啡一票喔!我就覺得Masala Chai聽起來很不錯,你呢?

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