BlueButcher-4Bangers & Mash
BlueButcher-7Horse’s Head
BlueButcher-6Prime Steak Tartare/Smoked Mustard Aioli/Shaved Horseradish/Crispy Sourdough
BlueButcher-5Bone Marrow/Toast/Caper Berries/Parsley/Salt Flakes
BlueButcher-11Australia Mann River Farm Wagyu Bone in Rib Eye
BlueButcher-12Barbeque Ribs with Candied Bacon Potato Salad and Gratin Cauliflower
BlueButcher-9Fig & Cheese
BlueButcher-13Blue Butcher’s Digestive
It’s always such a delight going to Blue Butcher, a sleek modern looking restaurant located in Sheung Wan which not only offers crazy finger-licking food but also fabulous outside-the-box cocktails. This day I was invited to a tasting section to try out the 4 culinary cocktails new on the menu – Fig & Cheese, Bangers & Mash, Horse’s Head and The Flapper! All you’ve definitely never seen before as they were created by the talented in-house bartenders! Make sure you keep an open mind when you order them as the ingredients can seem quite awkward: Fig & Cheese contains blue cheese, Bangers & Mash has sweet potatoes in it and the Horse’s Head says egg white. Sounds strange no? Not to worry people I’ve tried them all and they were delicious!!

My favourite was the Bangers & Mash as it tasted very fruity and delightful. The Horse’s Head comes second and tasted truly refreshing and reminded me of green tea as with macha power inserted – I did not realize there was egg white in it at all! The Fig & Cheese was surprisingly nice and the blue cheese was only in the foam which actually gave an interesting touch to the drink. However, I didn’t like the Flapper as much as it was far too sweet for my palette.

Even though the tasting section was mainly for the new drinks we were also treated with an entire dinner which were all SO FREAKING GOOD. These were what we’ve had:

Bone Marrow/Toast/Caper Berries/Parsley/Salt Flakes
Spanish Ham & Egg/Asparagus/Mushroom/Thyme
Prime Steak Tartare/Smoked Mustard Aioli/Shaved Horseradish/Crispy Sourdough
Barbeque Ribs with Candied Bacon Potato Salad and Gratin Cauliflower
Australia Mann River Farm Wagyu Bone in Rib Eye
Rare Breed US Kurobuta Pig Belly & Cheek/Lentils/Granny Smith Apple Slaw

Every single one of them were super yum! Highly recommended! I’m not a very meat person yet the ribs and rib-eye were so tender, especially the ribs as they were slow-cooked for 24 hours before serving! The steak tartare is a definitely must try too! Crazy good! Before desert (Oh the desert! So drooling right now…) we tried the Blue Butcher’s Digestive which is shared whisky base cocktail with a crisp touch due to the added tincture  and lemon and all sorts. It was let set for 2 days before serving – QUALITY!

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