Earlier on, I was invited to attend a presentation on the brand new Clarisonic ARIA sonic cleansing brush which was then launched at the beginning of the month. I also got to take one home to try out and was secretly quite thrilled about it since I’ve been wanting to get one forever, and this brand new ARIA is the best model they have yet!

Take a first look, you’ll find that the ARIA comes in a super sleek high-gloss finish, and has a detachable stand not only for convenient storage, but also to allow the brush to air-dry effectively making it ever more hygienic! This new model has also been modified and is now charged via a USB charger, so either plug it to your laptop or attach it to a traveling adaptor just like the one they offer! In terms of function, the Aria has 3 speed customization, but the oscillatory movements per second don’t change with a higher speed, it’s the distance in which each bristle moves from side-to-side that does, allowing stronger fluid forces for more pore flushing power! So no don’t worry about it scratching out your skin cause it won’t!

I have quite delicate skin so they gave me a brush for sensitive skin to try out. It’s really the perfect facial cleansing solution for a lazy person like myself. All I do is sit in the shower (yes I sit), turn the ARIA on, and then wait for the T-Timer to tell me when I need to stop and clean a different part of my face. Totally brainless but a hell lot more effective!

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