As a History of Art BA graduate, I’ve never really fallen too far away from art. Even though I’m now working as a fashion editor, I see traces of contemporary art everywhere, be it the clothes or the shows, fashion and art have always gone hand in hand.

In order to keep myself in-the-know, I do head to galleries and art fairs when I get the chance, yet with my busy schedule, sometimes it makes it so difficult to digest all that is happening in the industry.
Lately I’ve been introduced to the UBS Planet Art app, which is made specifically for the artistic crowd. At first introduction you might think it’s like Flipboard, but then it’s much better. It also allows you to choose your favourite tags so you only see contents that interests you, but the difference is while sources on Flipboard rely heavily on those who subscribe to the app, UBS hired a group of art experts in the process of building this app, making sure only legit contents from the internet will be brought into Planet Art, all day everyday, so basically it’s a whole World Wide Web of sources at your finger-tips, filtered for your needs!

I’m still trying this app out, if you’re interested in doing the same, you can download Planet Art on iTunes (sorry Android ppl)!

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